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Christopher Hall


The Christopher Hall Award for a child of courage is an award of real significance.

The winner is chosen and awarded each year by Rachel (Christopher’s mum) with the support of pop4diabetes in recognition of a particular child’s incredible bravery and circumstance.

Christopher Hall was a fun loving six year old who was most brave coping with his type 1 diabetes, but sadly his life was dramatically short.

Bournemouth Echo reported at the time:

POLICE discovered the bodies of a father and his six-year-old diabetic son tucked up side by side at their home in Poole.

Chris Hall, 53, and his son, also called Chris, were found dead at a house in Queen’s Road, Parkstone.

No arrests have been made and detectives are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths. Mr Hall is believed to have given his son, who was a diabetic, an overdose, then overdosed himself.

Dorset Police received a call from a woman worried about their welfare at 4.50pm on Wednesday. Officers and paramedics raced to the scene – but it was too late to save the pair.

The road was closed for a short while, and the house was cordoned off from about 5.30pm – and remained so yesterday as officers continued to investigate.

The stunned community, dominated by young families is struggling to come to terms with what has happened.

Rachel’s tribute:

To you, my son…

No words can express the pain I am feeling now and will feel each day for the rest of my life. You were my life, you filled my time with fun, smiles and plenty of love and kisses and I am going to miss this so much. I have a large hole inside me now which I will never be able to fill with anything again.

I will never see you play again and feel you hug me, kiss me again, or hear you say I love you (which I had the pleasure of hearing you say all the time). I will never see you grow up and become a fireman as you wanted to be, neither will I see you get married or have your own children. To see you just lying there, I cannot take it in, it isn’t you. You should be laughing and playing with your toys and breathing like me.

Having to write this for you is making me cry because I need you so badly. I want to take your place, so you can live and enjoy a long and fulfilled adventurous life, but this can’t happen and I miss you all the time. I want you here with me now.

I try and hold back the tears because if I don’t, I will break. I know you are safe with your Nanny Joyce. She will protect you, and give you just as many cuddles as I gave you.

I tried so hard to fill your days with fun. These memories will stay with me forever; I just wish we could have had so many more. I took you to Paultons Park where you went on the water ride, you didn’t like it. We both went on the swing ride and you were laughing at me because I didn’t like it, I was screaming!

I also took you to the Oceanarium where you loved the sharks and turtles; you couldn’t believe how big the turtles were. We also went to Poole park with your first little ‘girlfriend’ and on the train she tried to kiss you!

I have lots of happy memories of our times we shared and will keep them tightly close to me always. You were a big Ben 10 fan, and had everything Ben 10 there could be. All your imaginary games you played were as Ben 10, everything you drew was Ben 10, everything you watched on television was Ben 10. You were Ben 10 mad!

The last time we shared together was at Branksome Beach. We spent all day there. We built a large moat and started to build a castle for Shrek, but you got bored and wanted to play in the sea! I couldn’t get you out the water, so I promised you I would take you to swimming lessons.

Sadly this will not happen now. I had really memorable days with you, and will now cherish the memories more than ever before. After the tragic event of you leaving me, I went for a walk a few days later one evening at the beach, and went to the same spot that we were that final day. Your moat we built together was still partly there; it made me feel as if you were still with me.

‘Loy’ was your nickname, everybody knew you by this name and still call you ‘Loy’ so I will try to carry on with this nickname in memory of you.

I love you forever and you will always be in my heart and I will never fill the void inside me.

I will miss you every day of my life; you are my little boy ….my Ben 10.

Mummy xxx

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