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Strictly Song & Dance

Pier theatre, Bournemouth July 14th 2012 tickets are available from BIC Ticket office 0844 576 3000 or online at www.bhlivetickets.co.uk for parties of 10 or more please call 01202 451 865.

Street Dance to Ballroom and Pop to Rock’n’Roll this is a night that has something for everyone.

Enjoy a lively evening of talented young stars who channel their energy and passion into what they love, Song and Dance. There’s even room to join in the fun and have a little jig yourself..!

Shane Board will be performing the latest Pop4Diabetes fundraising release ‘Believe’ as part of his set and we round the evening off with Craig Jefferson the leading “Elvis Presley” tribute performer.

The show is hosted by Bournemouth Radio Star ATW and promises to be an exciting evening of sight and sound…

This event is sponsored by Accu-Chek

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